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Host Lauren Hartling

Lauren Hartling has a B.Sc in Animal Biology and has worked in zoos and aquariums for over 15 years as an interpreter (not speaking multiple languages, but translating science to be more accessible for everyone; although porpoise in french is marsouin ?). She was a writer of educational presentations for groups of all ages and interest levels; working to connect everyone to nature and our connection to it. You think snakes are icky? Guess what; snakes think you are icky too. boom. connection in ickiness.

She is going to university this year to become one of those eccentric Miss Frizzle style science teacher and to pursue her passion of talking about things at people at length.

Lauren has always been fascinated by biology. Lauren’s Dad was a conservation officer. This allowed her to bring in random animal parts for show and tell. One could say this both helped and hindered Lauren’s social life.

She hosts “Not a Dolphin” a marine focused science podcast she hopes you will enjoy.

Want to share a story with Lauren, comment on any of the episodes or just chat? Make sure to contact Lauren.