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#7: Last Chance for the Baltic Sea Harbour Porpoise

The harbour porpoise is the only cetacean native to the cold waters of the Baltic Sea. But its small population is in trouble. Lauren talks to Ida Carlén, who is working with the NGO Coalition Clean Baltic to save the last individuals of this little porpoise that still call the Baltic Sea home.


Ida Carlén has always been interested in marine mammals. When she discovered that an endangered population of a small cetacean lived in the Baltic Sea just off the coast of her native Sweden, she knew she had to do something. Ida now works with the European NGO Coalition Clean Baltic to help the Baltic Sea's only cetacean ─ the harbour porpoise.

Episode Credits

Host & Executive Producer: Lauren Hartling
Guest: Ida Carlén (Coalition Clean Baltic)
Audio Engineering & Editing: Marcus Wernicke

Theme Song: Black Rhomb - River of Time (under license)

Additional Music (used under license):
Watching the Stars by RimsyMusic
Illuminated Moments by Denis
Refuge by Dan Phillipson
A Hope for New Beginning by Evocativ

Sound Effects:
Sound effects under license from soundsnap, Ojoo Limited