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#1: What are Porpoises?

In this inaugural episode, Lauren answers the question everybody’s been asking. If it’s not a dolphin, what exactly is a porpoise? She is joined by marine zoologist Dr. Anna Hall, who helps her uncover that mystery.


Porpoises are somewhat invisible. Few people know what they even are, and even fewer have ever seen one. In this short inaugural episode, we will look at cetaceans, the larger group of animals that is made up of whales, porpoises and dolphins, look at their differences and explain what makes porpoises unique.

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Episode Credits

Host & Executive Producer: Lauren Hartling
Guest: Dr. Anna Hall (presentation at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum)
Associate Producer: Derek Jang
Audio Engineering & Editing: Marcus Wernicke

Theme Song: Black Rhomb - River of Time (under license)
Additional Music: RimsyMusic - Watching the Stars (under license)

Sound Effects:
Ocean waves recorded by Mike Koenig (under Attribution 3.0 license)
Dolphin echolocation and communication sounds under license from
Other effects under license from soundsnap, Ojoo Limited

Cover Artwork: Julius Csotonyi